The Commission provides the diocese and parishes with a pool of expertise and is responsible for:

• Fostering an environment in the parishes and the diocese,where stewardship as a way of life is understood, accepted and practiced and demonstrated in the ministries

• Through initiatives, workshops and materials, to educate parishioners about how stewardship is rooted in the Scripture and how stewardship is our mission

• Develop initiatives and source tools to assist parishioners to discern their charisms and God given talents, and how they may be put to use in the ministries of the church

• Developing a year-round emphasis on stewardship through various initiatives, dedicated bulletins and communication using media suited for all ages and demographics

• Developing templates and guidelines for parishes on various aspects of stewardship – ministry packs, reporting etc.

• Collaborating with the Diocese Finance Council to educate parishioners about stewardship of treasure through initiatives, seminars etc.

• Work with the Diocese Finance Council to develop guidelines and forms for reporting eg quarterly and annual parish and diocese Stewardship reports which provide transparency and accountability

• Assisting parishes and institutions to develop guidelines/systems to welcome new parishioners and show gratitude to persons serving in ministry, through thank you letters, recognition etc.

• Collaborating with other Commissions to structure formation programmes for persons in ministry, including children and the leadership team

Assessing the effectiveness of the Stewardship educational effort and formation sessions, in conjunction with the Vision Team

Assist the parishes to develop initiatives which assist with the implementation of the Synod 2014 resolutions in a sustainable manner


To lead all Catholics in Barbados to connect their faith with their everyday life.

LEADER: Fr Andy Nyga Mrs. Glenda Medford