Father Andy Nyga

From the Parish of St Dominics

Time capsule!!!

Time capsule!!!

This is the Year of Mercy!  This is the year in which we are called by Pope Francis to rediscover the corporal and spiritual works of Mercy.  What does that mean for you?  Which spiritual and/or corporal works of Mercy do you feel God is calling you to do?  Remember that when you hear and answer that call, abundant grace is also awaiting you!!!

As we continue this Jubilee Year of Mercy we are going to celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday, 3rd April in a special way. 

We are going to have a time capsule!!!  Have you ever journaled a special event in your life and ten years later you find this old dusty piece of paper, you read it and realise how far you have come?  How, like fine wine, you have matured through the difficulties of life, with God’s abundant grace? 

It is with this in mind that we are establishing a time capsule.  For as with most prayers, we plant the seeds of faith and with years of hope and persistence we eventually see those seeds we planted years ago bear fruit. So we would like you to memorialize this Year of special grace. You can write a letter to yourself, your children, grandchildren or to your parents or if you have small tokens/keepsakes with special meaning and we will place them in the time capsule on Divine Mercy Sunday at a special Mass at 3pm, April 3. 

If you choose to write a letter, please ensure that it is properly addressed as the contents are kept confidential and returned to the owner or the person to whom you address the letter.  In addition, no valuables! 
Come, let us remember the 2016 Jubilee Year of Mercy and see how God works; His wonders always to perform!  Please deliver your letters to the office before April 1st.

Peace be with you