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From the Parish of St Dominics

Happy Birthday Catholic Church

Happy Birthday Catholic Church

Fifty days ago, we celebrated the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead (the first glorious mystery), ten days ago His Ascension into Heaven (second glorious mystery) and today, as He promised, we commemorate the descent of the Holy Spirit on the apostles, Pentecost (third glorious mystery). The mission of Jesus Christ on earth is over and the season of Easter comes to an end but the existence of the Church in our human world is just beginning. As a matter of fact, Pentecost is often called the birthday of the Church. We may recall the last words of encouragement and guidance, Jesus left with His disciples before His departure from earth: My peace I give to you, love one another, do not be afraid, the Holy Spirit will teach you everything. Why did Jesus say and promise all these things? He knew His apostles and disciples would be confused and frightened...and they were. They were very simple folk, fishermen mainly, being left alone to build and sustain a Church, the Divine Will, without leadership and guidance. They spent nine days together huddled in prayer when the promise was fulfilled and the Holy Spirit descended on them and gave them powers and attributes that left they themselves and onlookers astounded. Pentecost was also a feast celebrated by the Jews and there were many people from different places who were gathered in Jerusalem for this occasion. They were witnesses to the coming of the Spirit and the ability of the disciples to speak in all different languages (the first reading today describes the manner in which the Holy Spirit descended). Many of those celebrating the Jewish Pentecost, about three thousand, believed and were baptised and the Church was created.

Pentecost is sometimes called Whit Sunday and in older times known as White Sunday because of the white robes worn by those who were baptised on the vigil of Pentecost. THE HOLY SPIRIT IN OUR LIVES As Catholics, we receive the gifts that enable us to deliver the fruits of the Holy Spirit through the Sacrament of Confirmation. Today some of our young Catholics will receive this sacrament. Having received this sacrament, we begin a new phase in our life as a Catholic as we become soldiers of Jesus Christ; we are strengthened, enlightened, entrusted

Solemnity of the Ascension
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