• Dominican Sisters Purchased the Land

    This Church has some unique features about it dating back to 1963 when the Dominican Sisters who were at that time in residence at Verdun, St. John visited the parish of St. Peter and came upon this plot of land at Ashton Hall. Because of its serenity, the Sisters identified the area as an ideal location for a health facility and so they purchased the land which became the home for the St. Joseph Hospital which is presently closed and Our Lady of Sorrows which fortunately survived the trials of time and is now in its 52nd year.

  • St Joseph Hospital Opens:

    As a matter of interest, the Church building at the entrance of the property was designed by the architect Sister Bartholomew and under her supervision the building was constructed by Anderson Building Contractor, while the electrical firm John O’Brian Electrical carried out the electrical work. The Church served the poor and marginalised persons in the North of the Island and on Sunday mornings hundreds of persons were seen attending Mass. Our Lady of Sorrows also attracted persons who would have been patients of the St. Joseph Hospital which was dedicated and opened on 6 January 1966 and showed a steady growth of the Catholic community in the following decades. The poor in the neighbouring communities were taken care of by the Sisters and many families were able to improve their personal conditions.

  • Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

    Not only was the poor assisted with food and clothing, but the St. Joseph Hospital also provided many jobs for the residents of the surrounding areas as many persons were employed as nurses, cooks, gardeners, maids and so on. Our Lady of Sorrows has also produced one Parish Priest Father Neil Scantlebury who is presently serving in St Thomas, Virgin Islands as well as one Deacon Keith Scantlebury. In an interview with Grey “Doc” Brome, he reflected on the first priest at Our Lady of Sorrows, Father Thompson who met his untimely death when he drowned in the swimming pool on the property. Since the closure of the hospital, there has been the unfortunate public assumption that the Church was closed. The Diocese has seen a dramatic decline in the number of persons attending Church but as you can see with the perseverance of the faithful, Our Lady of Sorrows has kept its doors open and continues to serve the spiritual needs of the people living in the North of the Island. There was a special Mass at 8:45 a.m. on Sunday, September 13 2015 to celebrate the Feast Day and all Barbadians are invited to attend in this beautiful Church in St. Peter.

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