The Commission provides parishes and diocese with access to expertise and is responsible for:

Working with the other Commissions to ensure youth and young adults have a sound initiation in Catholic faith in such a way that they participate in ministry and ongoing formation and remain in the church

• Creating an appropriate forum for families, youth and young adults to discuss current issues they face and to learn how to cope with or challenge issues in a non violent manner

• Working with the other Commissions to develop programmes capable of encouraging youth and young adults to get involved in the life of the church at all levels, including the practice of Catholic Social Teaching

• Helping too nurture solid relationships among family members through formation and workshops/retreats/interventions, to encourage the entire family to develop spiritual practices and play an active role in the church and the community 

• Creating programmes to develop the whole person to create next generation leaders of the church in vocation and ministry

• Creating and updating databases with families, children, youth and young adults in the diocese

• Participate in review the effectiveness of the initiatives in strengthening families and retaining our youth in the diocese


• To build strong Christian families, vibrant youth and young adults.

LEADERS – Fr. Clement Paul and Mr. Omar Squires