St John the Baptist, whose whole life was a preparation for the coming of Christ, uses the imagery of the prophet Isaiah: "Make a straight highway for our God to cross the desert. Let every valley be filled in, every mountain and hill laid low – then the glory of the Lord shall be revealed."Christ is coming anyway. But for St John the Baptist unless we prepare the way and clear the road of our lives from obstacles, then his coming will not touch us. When Jesus came he continued the same message, but he put it with such a different emphasis that the Baptist must have wondered if he got his message wrong.

Jesus' message was the same as John the Baptist's in that he wants our lives to be rid of anything that is wrong, but Christ is offering to do it himself if we will allow him and welcome him. His mission is to come and heal and he will never abandon us.He knows that like little children, we prefer to be carried and he is offering to carry us. But a child that is carried all the time will never learn to walk, to leap and run and so sometimes Christ will put us down.When someone is first converted and turns to Christ, they are often vividly conscious Christ's presence. They feel carried. As you grow closer to Christ, you will sometimes feel alone and struggling. You have not been abandoned, though it may feel like it, but you are growing more united to God.

It is at the times when Christ puts us down to walk that we need to trust that he is still with us.