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Walking the camino Portugues

Walking the camino Portugues

Some people believe that you do not walk the camino. They think, the camino walks you. Just as you do not choose to walk, the camino chooses you. When I boarded the plane and made my self comfortable, I asked myself, what madness am I doing. I am walking the camino a third time!

There must be a reason, I surely do not know. Except this urge to walk again. To go back on the trail and do meditation by walking. So here I am in Lisbon Portugal. I arrived this morning and the great debate was where will I begin the camino? The guide books say buss out of Lisbon and then begin. But everyone has their own beginning. So did I.

As I was walking to the Cathedral St. Mary Major in Lisbon, where to begin was upper most in my mind. I did not have an answer. I simply said Mary I put this pilgrimage into your hands, help me to do what Jesus wants. I dedicated the pilgrimage as I ascended.

The purpose for the cathedral visit was to get my credential--a pilgrim's passport. I searched and could not find the place where you get it. A South African lady came up to me and asked if I knew where to get the credential--I was an obvious pilgrim as I had my full gear on. I said no but I too was looking. Then the gentleman who attends to the book store came out and began opening up.

Waiting on him the South African lady and I began to speak about where we were beginning the Camino. Then she asked me if I was visiting Fatima. I thought it was much further along the Camino. We looked at a map and I had my decision. I bussed to Fatima and spent the evening here.

For all the shrines I have visited, Fatima was not on my list. Well it is now. I arrived in Fatima, went to reconciliation, prayer the rosary for the 40 days of prayer. Went to mass and burnt these candles for our intentions as Trinidad and Tobago.

By putting it in Mary's hands, I found the perfect way. I was able to catch up from the overnight flight, to pray and to centre myself for the camino. From where I stand it seems as if the camino is walking me. Who is setting the agenda on your pilgrimage?23°C Mostly Sunny2495, Fátima, Santarem, Portugal here ...

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