Father Michael Barrow

From the parish of St Francis of Assisi

Reflection On The Gospel with Fr. Michael 14th Sunday Ordinary Time

Reflection On The Gospel with Fr. Michael                                 14th Sunday Ordinary Time

SUNDAY READINGS To prepare for Sunday Mass it is a good idea to read and give thought to the readings and gospel in your missal or Bible. Here are some questions to ponder.

First Reading [Isaiah 66:10-14c] "At the sight her heart will rejoice" what most of all would make my heart rejoice? Call it to mind and thank God for the gift. 

Second Reading [Galatians 6:14-18] "The only thing I can boast of is the cross of our lord Jesus Christ" when suffering comes, try to thank God for a share in the cross.

Gospel [Luke10:1-9] The kingdom of God is very near to you as you read this.

Once upon a time, there lived an old farmer in Barbados who loved every inch of the island and every blade of grass. He didn't need to go anywhere else. He loved his work tilling the fields, he loved his wife, his children, his neighbours. He loved even the heat of the day and the cool breeze on the hills, the mangoes and the flamboyant trees. The sea and the sky were all part of his Barbados.

When his life was drawing to a close his only regret was leaving his beloved Barbados. So when he was dying they collected a beautiful stone from the beach which he held tightly in his hand, so that he could take part of Barbados with him.

When he woke up he was in front of the gates of Paradise still holding in his hand that little part of Barbados he had brought with him.He was told that they had a special place for him and everyone was delighted that he'd come, but to enter Paradise he must leave behind everything, even his little stone. But he could not give it up. He clung to what he had of Barbados rather than go into Paradise. And there he stayed.

Then the gates opened slightly and a little girl came out and took him by the hand. He was so moved that he dropped his stone and left everything behind to follow her into Paradise.

As the gates opened to welcome him, there stretched out before him as far as the eye could see his beautiful Barbados, more wonderful than he had ever known it.

Only by giving up everything, yes everything, can we receive all that God is offering us.

As Jesus said, "Whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it."

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