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Day 5: Phillip or Emmaus?

Day 5: Phillip or Emmaus?

This morning I awoke as normal 5:25am. I began as usual in absolute darkness. My phone as light and map to guide. My inner Pilgrim was smiling and singing and filled with Joy.

Last night I spoke to the husband owner of the Alburgue I stayed in. He explained the stages of the camino Portuguese. From now till Porto there are very few Alburgues. After last night there is one at 6Km then one at 12Km then 24Km after that. So having walked 18Km today, my next few days will be 24 Km with no options. Maybe it was my inner pilgrim that pushed me and my outer pilgrim was rebelling and wilting?

So I began in the dark there was mist every were around I began with the Rosary, Sorrowful mysteries. Then I listened to the Office of Readings. The second reading from St. Jerome on mercy is exquisite.There is nothing that God cannot forgive if we humble ourself before God. I was meditation on the text when I saw three pilgrims up ahead. WOW there are pilgrims on the way. I began morning prayer but felt compelled to walk up the the pilgrim who was straggling behind. Just as I was walking up to him he pulled out his rosary. I walked up to him and asked if I could pray the rosary with him? We prayed the Glorious mysteries.

After the rosary we began to speak. Then Jose looked at me and said: "Are you a priest"? I said yes you could say so. "How you mean" he said. Well I am also an Archbishop. I said. Then we spoke about the mysteries of life and love and sin and Grace and God and gratitude and so much more.

He turned to me again and said: "This is the Emmaus story" I smiled, for we were speaking of the mysteries of the Lord along the way.

I was thinking it was Phillip walking up the the Eunuch. He nailed it. The way to Emmaus. Our hearts were burning as we walked along the way

We celebrated Mass in Coimbra today. Jesus did appear to us in the breaking of the bread. Inner and outer pilgrims are absolutely thrilled. The other two pilgrims are his wife and his brother. 

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