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Companions on the Journey

Companions on the Journey

Today was a different kind of day. Usually I walk alone in silence and stay focused on the presence of God in all the beauty around. The overwhelming experience is gratitude; for the beauty, the nature, the landscape and the silence.

Today was a different day. During the 27 km that I walked I accompanied several people on the journey. This is interesting as word has gone out that there is a fellow pilgrim who is a Ronan Catholic Bishop. This has given me a unique insight into the pilgrims who accompany me on the way to Santiago. It has also allowed me to understand much more the experience of Jesus in his ministry. 

We read the bible and see the many episodes of Jesus ministering in public. When the gospels are analysed closely what emerges is that Jesus spent more time walking alone with the twelve than he spent in ministry in the towns. Many Gospel passages begin, "On the way"

To accompany people on the Camino is an interesting experience. They walk up to you and walk with you and engage in conversation. The exchange begins and eventually a real question arises and then a deep and profound conversation develops. Here is the trick, you have to be available and open and see the opportunity as a moment of Grace and not as a disruption. This means being attuned to Him while on your journey. 

How many times do people called or barge in and we treat them as disruptions because we have our day all planned and have everything tightly scheduled? Well I have been guilty of this many times. Today as people came, because I have abandoned this time to Him, I recognized the opportunity as one of Grace. 


Let us try to see the disruptions of life as opportunities to accompany people for a part of their journey. Many times what people crave the most is someone who can listen deeply and reflect back to them where Grace already exists. We are all invited to accompany others.  Let us be open to see disruptions as Grace.




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