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A St. Patrick's Day Reflection: By Moses Gikandi

A St. Patrick's Day Reflection: By Moses Gikandi
Bro. Moses Gikandi

 Today is the commemoration of St. Patrick! We are celebrating this great day with all the great people of Ireland because St. Patrick is their patron saint. St. Patrick was a model of Evangelization and Inculturation. He left his homeland to evangelize the Irish. He did this evangelization not by imposing things but by going to the level of the people through Inculturation. He used the shamrock, a popular plant in Ireland to explain to the Irish the mystery of the Trinity. He also made the Celtic Cross i.e. a cross that is encircled. The Irish prior to the advent of Christianity used to believe in God as a 'sun'. He incorporated this into the art for the cross and came up with the Celtic cross.

Now, that we and many people in the world are engaged in A New Evangelization, we look to the primary evangelizers like St. Patrick for hope, inspiration and Intercession. 

St. Patrick, great missionary and evangelizer, Pray for us.

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