Father Michael Barrow

From the parish of St Francis of Assisi

A Reflection On The Sunday Gospel By Fr. Michael Barrow, SJ

A Reflection On The Sunday Gospel By Fr. Michael Barrow, SJ


In this Sunday's Gospel Jesus tells a parable of some bridesmaids whose important function was to provide light to greet the newly married couple, in the days where there was no electricity. They were so excited about being bridesmaids that they forgot that the main purpose of being there was to provide light.

This can happen to us in so many ways and it is important to stop and reflect what is really important. Not many people with real faith will suddenly give it up and turn away from it deliberately, but many more will gradually drift away from it without thinking. They believe in God and are brought up to love God, but so many other things are much more interesting like Facebook or the latest phone or finding a better job and getting the children into a good school.

For instance, which of these would you want most for yourself or for your children? To be happy? To get into a good school? To get a good job? To be honest and generous? To be healthy? Sometimes a particular ambition may eclipse what is more important. The need to pass the 11+ examination or to get a good job can become more important than happiness itself. We need to stop and think​ what is really most important in our lives.

That is what Jesus is asking us to do when he says "Stay awake, because you do not know either the day or the hour". That makes it sound as if God is trying to catch us out when we are least expecting him. God is not like that but is so loving that he knows that something less important can make us keep putting off what really matters.

Fr. Michael Barr ow, SJ

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