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A Reflection On The Solemnity Of Mary Mother Of God By: Fr. Isidore Clarke O.P.

A Reflection On The Solemnity Of Mary Mother Of God                                           By: Fr. Isidore Clarke O.P.

Greetings from Fr. Isidore Clarke on the feast of Mary, the Mother of God.

That's the title we give Christ's mother in the 'Hail Mary,' when we ask her to pray for us.It's an amazing claim that a young Jewish virgin should have become the mother of Almighty God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth.Christians have always believed this. But in the 5th century, the Council of Ephesus solemnly defined this to be believed as a Matter of Faith.

Mary's title and role in God's plan of salvation flows inevitably from what we've just celebrated at Christmas.We believe that at the Annunciation God's life-giving Spirit descended upon the Virgin Mary.At that moment, she conceived, and the Son of God became flesh in her womb.After a normal pregnancy, Mary gave birth to a son, who was both God and man.As His mother, Mary had given Him all that went to make Him fully human.Her motherhood guaranteed His humanity, while the divine Spirit through whom she conceived assured His divinity.Mary became mother of the Word made Flesh, of God Incarnate.

Such was the amazing privilege, which God planned to give Mary for the sake of our salvation.Only God Himself could repair the rupture sin had created in our relationship with Him.God required a member of the human family to be its saviour.Since that's how He planned to save us He needed to combine the frailty of man with the power of God.

This is how God wanted to express His love for us, His mercy, in a human way, one familiar to us, one which we could readily understand.In the past no one could see the unapproachable God and live; now He could be seen, touched and heard. In Jesus, we see what it meant not only to be fully human, but also to be truly God.In the Son of Mary God has fashioned an indestructible bond between God and man.The Son of God is forever part of the human race, forever committed to us. Mary, His mother, played a vital part in God's sublime plan for our salvation.

­But Mary's role as a mother did not end when she gave birth to her son at Bethlehem.As with every other mother, she had the task of caring for her helpless baby.My mother once said that bringing up a child took up at least 20 years of her life, while another mother told me her love, her care and anxiety for her child never ends. That was certainly true for Mary, who witnessed the growing hostility to her Son, reaching its climax in His brutal, unjust crucifixion.

Now here's a great paradox. Mary's baby was Almighty God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, yet He was totally dependent upon His mother, whom He had created, for His basic needs.And, with Joseph, Mary was responsible for bringing up Jesus as a young lad, and equipping Him to cope with the world in which He lived. They taught the Son of God how to live as a pious Jew.So, imagine their anxiety when they lost Jesus.That anxiety would have been natural for any parent.But Jesus was not only their child, but was destined to save the world.They would have felt they'd betrayed the trust God had put in them, as the guardians, the protectors of the saviour of the world. That was an enormous test of their faith -that God was still in control, in master-minding His plan for the salvation of the world.

If the child Jesus learnt from His mother, she learnt from her Son.We're told that she had to ponder on the mysterious things He said and did.And Mary developed from being her Son's physical mother to becoming His greatest disciple. She, above all others, heard God's word and did it.Her mind and heart were always in complete harmony with God's will.

That docility took her to the foot of the cross.There she stood by her Son, believed in Him and even accepted His brutal death on the cross.Nailed to the cross, Jesus entrusted us to her maternal care.The mother of our Saviour is the mother of all whom He came to save.From Heaven she continues to assist us, her children, her Son's brothers and sisters.

In the 'Magnificat' Mary praises God.He has looked on her lowliness and done great things for her.He has chosen her to be His mother.With the Mother of God, we praise Him for what He has done not only for her, but also for us.And with Jesus, the Son of God, we love and honour His mother –our mother.No wonder all generations call her, "blessed!"

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