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A Mother's Day Reflection By Fr. Vibert Stephens

A Mother's Day Reflection By Fr. Vibert Stephens
Fr. Vibert Stephens, Corpus Christi Roman Catholic Community

Mothers are gifts from God, worthy to be uplifted and praised. Every mother has been given Divine Grace to conceive, to participate in the bringing forth of life, to nurture, to encourage growth and development and to foster interdependence. Most significantly, mothers have been called to raise their children to worship the Lord together, first at home as a family and then within the wider Christian community. These are only minutiae of the contributions mothers have been called by God to make.

Mothers, you are called to:

  • 1.Lead your children in the way of holiness.
  • 2.Pray together. Mothers you must not only pray when the children are giving trouble, you are also encouraged to pray all the time with and for them. Praying together will help to nurture growth in holiness.
  1. Read the Word of God and meditate on it together. Inner strength and trust in God will grow in you. You and your children will be saved from the wickedness of this world only through your leadership in prayer and knowing God's Word.
  1. Place them under the protection of the Holy Family and bring them into the family of the church.

However, such responsibilities are far from easy.It is a challenge for all of us to live in obedience to the Lord each and every day especially in times such as these when God is often left out of the home.It is an even bigger challenge for mothers with all the distractions that they face, to be steadfast and to become living examples to their children.

God in His infinite wisdom and mercy, gave the world the ideal family as the pattern – the blueprint - that could help women to become the kind of mothers they are called to be. The Holy Family of Nazareth provides the standard for us to imitate. Obedience to God was their mantra and practice.

It was not God's intention for mothers to be the sole nurturers of their children.In many cases, you alone are left to teach, to discipline and to show unconditional love to your children. Fathers are meant to be with you and to share similarly.This is the pattern of Mary and Joseph with the child Jesus. Unfortunately, this is not always the reality. On this special day, I feel it only fitting that I offer an apology on behalf of the men and fathers of our church for the times they have not carried out their true roles as co-parents.

I wish to congratulate all mothers.Be courageous and continue to pray and have hope for your children and grandchildren. God is always present with you so that you may nurture in holiness the gift of motherhood He has given you. May Our Lady of Fatima watch over all our families.

On behalf Bishop Jason, Fr. Paul, Vicar-General, Family and Youth, the children and men of CCC, we wish you a Happy and blessed Mother's Day.

Fr. Vibert

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