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A Little Wine Gladdens The Heart

A Little Wine Gladdens The Heart



The sixth day of the Camino has a wonderful surprise. As you leave Estella there are two routes, the one that takes you directly away and an alternative route that takes you to the 'Fountain of Wine’.  You heard it right, a fountain with rich red wine flowing in a public space! It is spoken of by some nearly in mythological terms. So as I left this morning determined to confirm the truth or fiction of the fountain, a few of us stumbled upon it together. There was joy and complete delight as we pushed the leaver and saw red wine flowing in a public fountain. We drank it with delight and were filled with joy and gratitude.  As we were the more adventurous of the pilgrims, we went out of our way to take this route so as to experience one of the true marvels of the Camino.

In the Book of Isaiah (25:6ff), the prophet speaks about the “banquet of the Lord” with plenty of food and rich red wine.  Psalm 104:15 speaks about “wine to gladden the heart”. That was the experience this morning for the many pilgrims who drank from the fountain. Imagine placing a fountain with red wine in a public space and allowing all those who pass to drink as they would like? 

This is to me another image of the discipleship.  We are to be wine fountains in the public space that others may drink from to their delight. Drink the joy of the spirit, drink the joy of life, and drink the exuberance of God. In the ‘Joy of the Gospel’, Pope Francis spoke a lot about joy as a key ingredient for the disciple of our time. If you and I were like village fountains flowing with joy, giving freely to any pilgrim who passed, imagine the impact we could have on the world. 

Remember the first miracle of Jesus was producing an excessive amount of excellent wine. This was the first sign that allowed the disciples to believe He was the Christ. This evening we used this wine for the Eucharist, transforming it and us into the Joy of Christ. 

To be a wine fountain is to be a surprise to the fellow pilgrims as they experience and drink from your joy and are surprised by your generosity in giving joy and gladness to all who pass by. In this joy we give Christ.





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