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Day 28: Encounters of Grace

Day 28:  Encounters of Grace
Two days ago, I arrived at Samos, the Benedictine Monastery and stayed in the Albergue associated with it. As I entered and sat waiting for the person in charge to register me, I began speaking with a young man who was also sitting there. His name was Jacob and he introduced himself as a seminarian. A short time into the conversation, another young...
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The Spirit Is Blowing: 2. The Gift of Understanding and Faith

The Spirit Is Blowing:  2. The Gift of Understanding and Faith
​"Don't be afraid, for I am with you. Don't be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand," (Is. 41. 10).The prophet Isaiah's comforting words floated into my mind as I lay semi-conscious in a hospital bed.Although as a Dominican I'd spent years reflecting on the Sacred Scrip...
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Day 27: Twice Upon A Time

Day 27:  Twice Upon A Time
Reaching Sarria is a significant milestone in the pilgrimage. It is 114Km from Santiago and thus the last stage of the journey. It is a big town and so you can get whatever you need for this last phase and I suppose more importantly it is where the pilgrimage changes most dramatically. Here you meet the tourist with their buses trailing them and pr...
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Day 26: I Am The Light Of The World

Day 26:  I Am The Light Of The World
This morning I left O Ceberio at 5:30 am for another 30k day to a famous Monastery in Samos founded in the seventh century. I left in the dark; with cell phone in hand, which was both light and GPS, heading through the forest to a path connecting with the Camino. There is something magical in traveling by night, seeing the first dawn of light upon ...
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Day 25: Let God Be God!

Day 25:  Let God Be God!
Today I walked most of the day with Maria considering life's questions and pondering the mystery of God's love and forgiveness. Maria is a young bright Irish Catholic who is a committed pioneer (someone who has pledged never to drink). She was the Rose of Tralee 2014, an Irish woman who best embodies the ideals of womanhood in Ireland. She has a de...
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